Contact list

    1. Register new account using registration form
    2. Login to the site
    3. Generate a pair of RSA keys
    4. It can be generated in LINUX via openssl package:

      openssl genrsa -out priv.pem 1024

      openssl rsa -pubout -in priv.pem -out pub.pem

      Or simply generate it  online
    5. Enter and save it in you profile tab
    6. Go to "Contacts" tab, enter your friend's username (you should also send your username to your friend by alternative channel)
    7. If it was successfully added, click on nickname in contact-list
    8. You will be moved to "Messages" tab
    9. Insert your friend's public RSA key (which was sent to you by alternative ways) into corresponging field
    10. And send her/him your public RSA key
    11. If you wish to send your messages securely, check the checkbox "Encrypted" (You will be warned if you didn't set the keys)